Release notes QicsPlanner 1.0.76


From the version 1.0.76, SQL Server 2008 R2 is supported as minimum.

Work item



Following features were released in the current version


[RFC] Synchronize customer name to   outlook subject field

  • appointment subject was previously {project name} - {task name}
  • {project name} name contains additional   project information according to the setting "Project description   format"


[BUG] Synchronize task name changes   to Outlook



[RFC] Start page - allow to filter   out grayed-out project from overview

Added IsActive column & filter


[BUG] Inconsistent planning behavior   for grayed-out projects

Users are now able to edit existing planning on active as well as on inactive projects to allow modification or deletion of existing data, because it is not easy to   activate project again (it depends on data source).

 However, it will not possible to add inactive project to resource in resource planning.


[RFC] Add permission 'Edit project   planning for projects where user is member of'

Planning permissions have been refactored and previous view/edit permissions for planning pages (except resource calendar) have been replaced by:

  • edit planning where I am project member
  • edit planning where I am manager
  • edit all planning
  • view all planning

 Moreover, even users with no permissions are able to view projects and planning if:

  • user is project manager
  • user is project member

Task / Task breakdown editing is covered by edit planning permissions.

Old permissions are automatically transformed   according to Table 1 below.

Following logged issues have been fixed since last released version


Table: Permission transformation (x means new permission is granted if at least one "x" in the column exists):

Old permission \ New permission

Edit planning where I am project member

Edit planning where I am project manager

Edit all planning

View all planning

Edit project planning for all projects





Edit project planning for his own projects





Edit resource planning





Edit taskboard





View project planning





View resource planning





View taskboard


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