Release 5 november 2014


2127   Background jobs visualization

There is a number of actions in QicsMilestones that can take a longer time to finish and therefore are executed by a background job, rather than immediately in the user interface. Examples are:

  • Import data from Excel file
  • Generate invoices
  • Process invoices
  • Send invoices

After starting a new background job (previously called batch), the user can observe the execution progress in the application header area that shows an animated “jobs” icon and number of jobs still in progress:


After all jobs are finished, the icon animation stops (it will stop turning) and there is no number displayed next to it:

The user can click on this icon at any moment to display an overview page for all currently running, or finished jobs:

If desired, user can also create custom views from this page on the Home page, including the records count.

Double-clicking a record in the Jobs page, opens a page that displays specific information for given job type, e.g. file import, or invoice generation:


The System menu was moved from the top-right corner to application main menu:

The system menu also contains a menu item Jobs for navigation to the Jobs overview page.

This functionality will be extended in the following sprints to provide even more insights in the execution of particular jobs, indication of job failures and so on. There will also be more job types introduced, such as approval of jobs that will facilitate a more fluent approval process.


2478 Add "me" link to Employee picker

In situations where the user is expected to select an employee, for example when setting a manager, or filtering an overview page, there is a “me”  link displayed that will pre-fill the currently logged employee:


Issues Fixed

2468 Import of time-entries from Excel failed with incorrect validation message

2494 Enter button should be disabled in Quick Time Entry popup before items list is loaded

2495 Very long text in Description field in time entry causes error

2530 Time entries are not shown when switching dates in calendar

2541 Totals on Create invoices page do not match displayed production records

2552 Tasks are loaded in productions page when project does not exist

2631 Imported Hours are not visible on page H&E in scheduler (with state: submit, invoiced, approved)

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