Release 16 juli 2014


1532 Improvements to time entry and validations

Stay on Hours & Expenses page, when Company is changed

When the user changes the current company, QicsMilestones navigates to the Home page as the currently viewed object may not exist in the new company. In the Hours & Expenses page this behavior is changed so that the application stays on the Hours & Expenses page.


Display Currency symbol with Sales rate field

A currency symbol was added to the Sales rate field in Time entry popup:


1639 Add extra Project fields to invoice layout query

The project description and Invoice notes fields can be displayed on invoice layouts.


1671 Add Company properties for invoicing

New properties were added to the Company object, which can be used on invoice layouts. This helps to make the invoice layout more generic. The user can upload a company logo image instead of including it into each layout directly. In the same way, invoice layouts can refer to the Chamber of commerce number, Bank account and value filled in Our reference field. Options for Our reference field are:

-          Empty

-          Project code

-          Project name

-          Project manager name

Check the 'Welke standaard factuurlay-outs zijn er? ' section (Bedrijven) in the user manual for an elaborate explanation of the use of company logo's and other extra information in the invoicelayout.

1672 Add Invoice group field to invoice layout query

The invoice line popup contains a field Invoice group. The user can fill in some custom value in this field and the invoice layout can group invoice lines that have same values in this field.


Issues Fixed

1737 Not possible to save time entry

1749 Automatic refresh period setting not present in newly created tenant

1751 Hours & Expenses: if the employee does not belong to just selected company, data missing

1755 is not possible generate project installment

1366 IsBillable is not set correctly after item is changed (special case)

1593 Validation error indicator does not disappear after rollback

1627 User account settings are not applied after 50 minutes

1629 After import, button and context for open batch is inactive (only double click works)

1642 InvalidOperationException on Hours & Expenses

1690 Material resource cannot be created

1757 From logs: NullReferenceException in ValidateEntriesBeforeStateTransition

1676 Sometimes: QTE icon missing in project list (Hours & Expenses)

1683 HIGH VISIBILITY: DataCacheException: ErrorCode<ERRCA0017>:SubStatus<ES0006>:There is a temporary failure. Please retry later

1731 Time spent is not recalculated correctly for production tenant

1733 Hours&Expenses: employee, week summaries and QTE icon missing when employee does not belong to selected company

1734 Submit operation failed

1750 Error 'Object reference not set ... ' when trying to open Hours & Expenses as user without any employee

1768 Not possible to save more time entries after extra charge % added

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