Release notes update 62 - release 21 mei 2014


714 Do not remember any filter settings in Generate Invoices window

When a new invoicing batch is created for generation of invoices or invoice advances, all input fields were previously remembered and pre-filled the next time the invoices were generated, many of which were not applicable anymore. In the new version only those fields are remembered, that have a default value defined in the system:

1158 Add filter to Projects overview on project membership

Projects can be looked up in the Projects overview page, where the selected employee is a member.  This way, the user can easily get an overview of all his/her projects:

1269 Increase the limit for invoice layout size to 10MB

Invoice layouts are uploaded to QicsMilestones as Crystal Reports files (*.rpt). QicsMilestones has a limit for maximum size of this file. Previously this limit was 4MB, which appeared too small in situations where pictures are included in the invoice layout, such as company logo’s with a larger resolution. For this reason the limit was increased to 10MB.


1298 Performance issues on invoices  

The performance of the Edit invoices page was increased, especially in situations when sorting is applied. Opening and working with the invoice (Edit invoice popup) was optimized as well.

Issues Fixed

1084 [BUG] Just added time entries are not selected when Date column is sorted

1085 [BUG] Date is reset to 1.1.1900 on approval (special flow)

1097 [BUG] Multiselect (CTRL + click) does not work when list view is sorted and columns are customized.

1156 [BUG] Open report button is disabled when all required parameters have default values prefilled

1177 [BUG] Enter confirmation is needed when changing start / end time (inline editing)

1179 [BUG] Planning pages: very often the Detail popup contains nothing

1231 [BUG] Approval by project exceptions

1264 [BUG] On item update of Will be invoiced, IsBillable is not recalculated

1274 [BUG] No item prefilled when last used task prefilled in H&E

1277 [BUG] Error when trying to use cached but deleted settings in H&E

1281 [BUG] Incorrect installment date after prolongation

1283 [BUG] Application settings for default project rates contain incorrect values

1284 [BUG] Time entries are not scrolled into view after drag-dropping them in list view

1332 [BUG] Error while loading hyperlinks for an employee

1335 [BUG] Updating employee's department via web api does not work

1329 [BUG] System.InvalidOperationException: An entity with the same identity already exists in this EntitySet.

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