Release 18 juni 2014



1374 Import timesheet entries

Timesheet entries (hours or expenses) can be imported from an Excel file. The import works the same way as the import of other objects. Users can download empty Excel templates and fill the template with new timesheet entries. 


See the section 'Hoe importeer ik een project?' in the manual to learn more about importing timesheet entries in QicsMilestones. 

1443 Set default email template when updating customer

When a customer is created via Web API, the send method can be set to Mail. This setting requires that Email template is set as well. In the Web API there is however no way of selecting Email templates, for this reason the application automatically pre-fills the Email template that is configured as default template. The default email template can be seen in the overview of Email templates:


1494 Ability to rename reports

When reports (custom, or standard) are uploaded to QicsMilestones, previously the name of the report was the same as the name of the report file and it wasn’t possible to change this later as the report security settings are bound to the report file name. In the new version, the report display name is set inside of the report file and can differ from the file name. This makes it possible to rename the report in future, without changing the report file name.

1503 Undo processing of invoices

When invoices are processed, they are not supposed to be modified in the future. They are fixed with the settings and amounts existing at the moment of the invoice processing. In some situation it is however desirable to re-process the invoice, for example because of a minor issue in the invoice layout. In the previous version, the user had to create an invoice correction (i.e. two new invoices - credit and correction). In the new version, the user with the necessary permission – “Undo process invoice” can still undo processing and get setting changes applied when the invoice is re-processed. This function has to be used carefully as the invoice modifications will not be reflected in external systems to which invoices are exported (such as bookkeeping).

See the section about 'Hoe pas ik een verwerkte factuur aan?' in the manual to learn more about this functionality. 

842 Display synchronization state in application

Objects in QicsMilestones can be synchronized from/to external systems, such as CRM or bookkeeping systems. Failures in synchronization could in the previous version only be seen in the Application log, which was not convenient. In the new version, all objects (Invoices, Projects, Customer, Item, Employees…) that can be synchronized have a new column “Synchronization state” on the overview page. This column can have following values:

-          Unknown – the synchronization client did not try to synchronize the object, or did not report the state.

-          OK – synchronization reported success, when the object was synchronized the last time

-          Error – synchronization reported error, when the object was synchronized the last time

The user can sort the overview using the Synchronization state column to get all objects that fail on top. Clicking on the Error link will open a popup where the user can find details about the problem that caused the synchronization error.

1462 New Web api version: V2      

There is a new version of the web api introduced, V2, which was developed under URL . All clients that are using development versions of the Web API will have to change the URL reference to: Under this URL is also the documentation of the new API.

Issues Fixed

1329 [BUG] System.InvalidOperationException: An entity with the same identity already exists in this EntitySet.

1330 [BUG] Planning pages: System.NullReferenceException

1492 [BUG] Before employee change unsaved time entries are not saved

1560 [BUG] Remove from processing batch - invoice number is removed

1562 [BUG] Wrong invoice number displayed in detail form of invoice after undo-processing it

1584 [BUG] Will be invoiced is not saved for concept entries

1590 [BUG] Entry with no project/item cannot be saved when entry was previously billable

1412 [BUG] TimeOut-s in sychronization

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