Release 2 juli 2014


1336 Use by default invoice address same as customer address

When a new customer is created, the user can fill in the customer’s visit address and optionally also the customer’s invoice address. In most situations these two addresses are same. That’s why the initial setting for invoice address was changed to the the same as customer’s address.

 See 'Hoe maak ik een relatie aan?' in the manual to learn more about creating a new customer.

Please note that in most cases customers will be managed in the external financial system, so new customers have to be created in the external system. Also QicsMilestones does not synchronize customers to external systems, the synchronization of customers goes from the external system to QicsMilestones. So if new customers are created in QicsMilestones, they will not be synchronized to the external system and therefor have to be created in the external financial system too. 

1475 Create invoices - do not prefill Customer manager field with current user

When a new invoice batch is created, the Customer manager field was pre-filled with the current user. In many situations however is the person creating invoices not the manager of the customers for whom invoices are being created. For this reason this field is left empty when the Create invoices window is opened:


1493 Add support for subtype of internal projects

An additional setting was added for internal projects, to indicate if a project is Vacation, Sick or for general purposes.  This information can later be used for reporting purposes. Please check the vacation project article to learn more about the recommended settings for vacation projects, to ensure optimal reporting possibilities. 

1540 Allow to view planning of inactive projects

When a project is set as not active, users were not allowed to open the planning page of such projects. In the new version the user can view the planning of inactive projects too.

1608 Automatic refresh in Hours & Expenses

The Hours & Expenses page keeps as much information as possible on the client. This information can be updated with the latest changes from the server by using the Refresh button. If it is desired that Refresh occurs automatically after certain time elapsed, it can be set on the Application settings page:

 See the 'Wat kan ik instellen bij [Mijn weergaven]?' section in the manual to learn more about refreshing the hours and expenses page. 

Issues Fixed

1598 System.NullReferenceException on Hours & Expenses page

1545 UTC offset out of range

1333 User-friendly message missing when trying to delete task already used in Hours&Expenses

1337 Error System.IndexOutOfRangeException

1357 Load operation failed for query 'GetTimeEntryProjects'

1413 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: [ArgumentOutOfRange_BadYearMonthDay]

1414 Load operation failed for query 'GetTimeEntryProjects'

1415 Operation failed: Invoke operation 'GetTimesheetEntryIsBillable' failed.

1416 System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: [ArgumentOutOfRange_ListInsert]

1423 System.InvalidCastException: Error 0x17E0. Debugging resource strings are unavailable

1424 Operation failed: Submit operation failed. [HttpWebRequest_WebException_RemoteServer]

1427 System.UnauthorizedAccessException: [UnauthorizedAccess_IODenied_Path]

1432 [Arg_NullReferenceException] on Extended properties

1484 Operation not permitted on IsolatedStorageFileStream.

1523 Week hours summary shows incorrect values

1563 Long request URI created because of ordering issue

1564 Error occurs on project approval treeview refresh

1565 Error shown when user navigates away from Hours & Expenses page

1566 Arg_NullReferenceException when user opens time entry detail

1583 Invoice mutation reason missing in view mode of Time entry popup (Hours&Expenses)

1643 User gets "save changes" question when leaving read only mode in project planning

1656 Time entry cannot be resized by dragging the edge

388 Valid email address is rejected

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