Release notes update 73 - release 22 oktober 2014



2130   Export projects to Excel® file from Projects page

There has been an option in QicsMilestones to import or copy projects via Excel® file, but the file had to be created manually. This has been a time consuming operation as well as a source of typographical errors.

The new export functionality allows one to export the projects from the Projects page directly to the Excel® spreadsheet. Moreover, the exported projects can be further modified and imported back into QicsMilestones because the exported file is comprehended by the import. This allows to quickly perform modification of multiple projects without manually modifying the projects in QicsMilestones.

The exported data are the same as displayed on the Projects page – the filters are applied, the sorting and columns are preserved as shown below. Besides, all projects that match the filters are exported, not just the ones that are displayed – there is no need to scroll down to the last one.


1767   Show time entry details for project and task

There are several places in QicsMilestones where time spent on tasks and projects can be monitored such as Planning of a project, Production report and Projects page. However, there was no simple way to see the individual time entries that compose the total value.

With the new functionality, existing time spent values have been changed to hyperlinks that can be clicked and afterwards the window with all related time entries is displayed as shown below.

2107   Hours & Expenses - show employee budget, when there is one defined

The project budget realization window on the Hours & Expenses page displayed amount, budget and hour (time written) budget together with already spent and remaining value. The previously displayed values did not take all project budget configurations into account. Also the window displayed zeroes when there was no budget defined which might have been misleading if the actual budget was zero.

The window has been extended and it contains the following information for budgets:

  • Project hours – represents hour budget on project or sum of employee budgets or task budgets,
  • Project amount – represents amount budget on project,
  • Employee hours – represents budget for individual employee on project; the value is applicable when the project uses employee budget type or task budget type; for task budget type, the value represents the sum of task budgets of all applicable tasks for the employee,
  • Employee amount – is equal to Project amount.

The Spent column displays the sum of hours (amounts) already written (spent) on project in total and for the current employee.

The Remaining column displays the difference between the Budget and the Spent columns.


2353   Add reference date filter to Prolongation proposals page

There is a new filter on the Prolongation proposals page that allows one to see the proposals regarding the specified reference date. Previously all of the proposals were displayed regarding the current date (today). The new functionality allows one to see the proposals that will be within notice in the future.

Example: There are no prolongation proposals today, but you are going on vacation for 2 weeks and you want to be sure there won’t be any prolongation necessary within this period. When you enter date today + 2 weeks into Reference date filter and also set Within notice filter to “Yes”, you can see all proposals that may be prolonged in 2 weeks.

2360   Add Project code filter to Taskboard page

It is possible to enter both project code and project name into Project filter on Taskboard page. Moreover, the auto-complete list shown while typing displays both values for easier orientation among projects as shown below.

2389   Add Task column and filter to Production report

The Production report contains a new Task filter and column in the grid as shown below. The Task filter allows to select a project task when the Project filter is selected. Only the tasks that are applicable for time or expense entries may be selected in the Task filter. When no project is selected, there are no tasks in the filter. When a task is selected from the filter, only the time and expense entries linked to the task are displayed. The Task column is hidden by default and can be displayed via right mouse click context menu option “Customize columns” on the grid header.


Note: Tasks can be created on projects that allow planning via Planning button on Projects page or on the page of particular project.



1855   Add “Will be invoiced” column and filter to Production report

The Production report contains the new Will be invoiced filter and column in the grid as shown below. The filter allows one to select the production that will be invoiced (when “Yes” is selected) or the production that won’t be invoiced (when “No” is selected). The Will be invoiced column is hidden by default and can be displayed via right mouse click context menu option “Customize columns” on the grid header.

Note: The Will be invoiced value may be set on time or expense entries according to the project configuration and user permissions. The installments and advances always have the Will be invoiced value equal to “Yes”.

Issues Fixed

2431      Not possible to import credit entries from Excel

2484      Default views do not work if opened in parent-child mode

2436      Week totals staying on H&E after switched to new month in part of week (special case)

2440      Mandatory field labels for Start date, End date are not bold on Add task popup

2468      Import of time-entries failed with wrong validation message displayed

1083      Project budget realization: currency is taken from company not from project

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