Release notes update 70 - release 10 september 2014


2137   Drag and drop of Home page tiles

In the previous version we introduced Home page tiles that users can customize by creating views to make different QicsMilestones pages.

In this version users can change the order of Home page tiles by dragging them to a different position on the Home page:

2136 Prefill view name on create or edit

When users creates a custom view for a QicsMilestones page, new or existing name is prefilled in the popup window. When popup is opened for an existing view and the prefilled name is not changed, the existing view is updated, otherwise a new view is created:

2128 Count for custom views

Home page tiles can show number of records that satisfy the filter criteria defined by the underlying view. This way the user can see how many records will contain different views, just by looking at the Home page tiles:

The count is then shown on the right lower corner of the tile:

At this moment this feature is supported by following pages:

  • Production report
  • Edit invoices
  • Projects

In future more pages will be extended with this function.

2094 New naming of invoicing pages and Invoicing menu changes

Minor inconsistencies in naming of invoicing pages were corrected and page names were updated to better reflect the purpose of pages.

Old name

New name


Create invoices

Creation batches

Page where user can see the history of invoice creation batches and observe the progress of currently running batches.

Process invoices

Processing batches

Page where user can see the history of invoice processing batches and observe the progress currently running batches.

Create invoices

Create invoices

Page where user can initiate a new invoice creation. Navigates to Creation batches after new batch is started.


The Create invoices and Create advances pages are now also available directly from the Invoicing menu so that user can start invoice creation without having to open the Creation batches page first and the menu is slightly reorganized:


2190 Expand filters on create invoices/advances pages by default

In the previous release Crate invoices and Create advances pages were modified from popup windows to collection view pages (i.e. pages having collapsible filters and grid showing the records selected by the filters) so that users can create custom views for different invoice creation scenarios. Collection view pages have usually filter section initially collapsed when they are opened. For Create invoices page this appeared to be inconvenient, so the page was changed to have filters section expanded when it is opened:


Issues Fixed

2069 Add Is billable column to Items collection view

2204 Invoices remain in "Waiting for sending" state when sending invoices

2073 Missing properties are added to web api V2 and V3



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