Release notes update 72 - release 8 oktober 2014


QicsMilestones Sprint 72 Changes


2346   Copy projects

Projects in QicsMilestones can be quite complex, with many properties and underlying hierarchical structures such as project members, task breakdowns, project items, invoicing schemas and so on. To create a new project can be therefor be an intensive effort, while it usually resembles the structure of another already existing project for a great deal. In the new version of QicsMilestones a new project can be created by copying the settings and structure of already existing projects.

This functionality is part of the Import project from MS Excel file option. When projects are imported, the Excel file can contain a new column named: Source project. When the Excel file template is downloaded for Project import, it will contain the Source project column:


 This column can be filled with project codes of already existing projects, or it can be left empty when copying attributes of an existing project is not desired when creating new projects. When the project code of an existing project is entered, the new project will be based on the source project. Project settings that are left empty in the Excel file (empty cells, or certain columns that in the particular project do not exist) are taken from the source project. Also, the underlying structures (project members, project items, tasks, invoicing schemas…) are automatically copied from the source project.

The Excel import was also modified to be more robust and flexible, so that only the necessary columns have to be present in the file. Properties of newly created projects that are not found in the Excel file, are prefilled by values used as default values for new projects. Some values are even generated by the system, such as the Project code. This way it is possible to import projects by placing only the columns in the file that have different values than the value automatically prefilled by the system.


  1. Create a new project that is a full copy of PX1589 where:
  • Name is set to “Copy of PX1589”
  • Project code for new project is generated by the system



  1. Create a new project where:
  • Project is not copied from another project
  • Name is: Test work
  • Project customer has code: AN250
  • All other properties are determined by the system, e.g.:
    • Code is generated
    • Manager is the currently logged in employee
    • Other properties are set to default values



There is a small change in the working of fields that have a Yes/No value. In the previous version, when this field was left empty in the Excel file, it meant that automatically “No” was set as the value. In the new version, when the Yes/No field is left empty, the system fills in either the value from the source project, or the value that is initially set for new projects, which can be both Yes, or No, depending on the property. For example “Allow planning” has the default value: Yes. To achieve that fields with Yes/No values are fixed to No value, the cell needs to be filled in with “No” (or another equivalent: “False”, “0”, “–“).



2335   Subtract negative duration from totals

When the Hour display format is set to time format in the user’s preferences (e.g. 03:15), the system did not count day and week totals with regard to the Is credit setting on time entries. With the display format set to numeric (e.g. 3,25) were credit entries treated as negative. In the new version both time notations are counted the same way:


2252   Show hours from all companies in timesheet approval

The Timesheet approval page previously displayed only entries that employees entered on projects belonging to the currently selected company.


In the new version, the Timesheet approval page aggregates hours entered by employees on all companies, regardless of the currently selected company. In the detail page, the Company column can be added to the grid in order to see to which company the entries belong:


2331   Preserve default layout of pages

In the previous version, the possibility to define the default view for the Project planning page was added to QicsMilestones. With the default layout functionality, the user can define the filters, column selection, their order, size and sorting for situations when the given page is opened from:

  • Application menu
  • Toolbar button
  • Hyperlink on a page
  • Context menu item

The possibility to define default layouts was in this version added to following pages:

  • Production report
  • Edit invoices
  • Work in progress report
  • Projects

To define a default view, the user has to open the page, click on the Create view link and select: Default view option:


2347   Display count on more pages

The previous version also added the possibility to display the number of records selected by user views. This number of records is shown on the Home page tiles. In the new version the user can show the count of records selected at the following pages:

  • Create invoices
  • Send invoices
  • Prolongation proposals
  • Application log

The user can see on the homepage, how many invoices are waiting to be created, or sent, how many contracts are ready to be prolonged, or how many objects failed to be synchronized to external systems such as Exact online:



2383   Add Project code filter to Edit Invoices page

In the earlier version, the user was able to filter invoices based on the code of the invoiced project by typing the project code into the Search field:

This functionality was removed from the new version, because it was discovered that it had substantial negative impact on the performance of the page. To preserve the possibility of filtering on project codes, the Project code filter was added to filters section of Edit invoices page:


2289   Do not send deducted invoices

Previously, invoices that are deducted in the Edit invoices page, were listed in the page for sending invoices after they were processed. In the new version deducted invoices do not appear in the Send invoices page.

2297   Clean up empty invoices when processing invoices

The user has the possibility to remove all invoice lines from the invoice. Such an invoice is not kept in the invoice history anymore and is removed from the system when invoices are processed.

Issues Fixed

2409      [BUG] Time entry: Decimal separator not accepted from numeric keyboard on EN keyboard

2381      [BUG] IsActive filter not saved when creating view from Projects page

2118      [BUG] Timesheet approval - errors when approving partially approved cells

2273      [BUG] Some filters do not work on project entity picker

2330      [BUG] Project search filter is not remembered on Hours & Expenses page


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