Release notes update 71 - release 24 september 2014



743 Show project code in dropdown menu on invoice line

When changing a project on the invoice line, the project code property can be used to lookup the new project. The project code can be seen in the dropdown list and typed into the text area to search for the project:

2191 Turn off date change with mouse wheel scroll on top of calendar control

The calendar control used in QicsMilestones was changing the date value when the user scrolled the mouse wheel on top of the control, without even having to click on the calendar control first to give it focus. This functionality was turned off to prevent unintended changes of the date values.

2199  Create view on Reports page

Previously, it was only possible to create a report view that immediately opened a specified report with parameters filled in when the view was created. While this allows to open the report directly from a home page tile, the user has no opportunity to do any modifications to report parameters saved with the view. For this reason the view creation for reports was extended with the option to show the Reports page (instead of the report directly) with the report selected in the list and parameters prefilled with values present during the view creation:



Also, the Create view link on the Reports page was moved to the top of the page, consistent with the location of this link on other pages in QicsMilestones:


2221  Enable count on initial views

When a new user is added to QicsMilestones, the home page contains a set of system predefined tiles. These tiles did not show the count of the records in the view and the user was not able to turn this on, even if the underlying page (e.g. Projects) did support it. In the new version the initial home page tiles have the count display enabled:


2254  Add Sender property to Company

The Email sender can be defined on the Company object. This way each Company can have a different email sender set:

2253  Add Email template property on Company

Similarly to Email sender, the Email template property was added to the Company object, so that each Company can use its own email template when sending invoices by email. The Email template can be set to use the application default, or a specific email template:

2223  [UST] Add totals to Create invoices/advances

The Create invoices page was previously modified to show all production entries that satisfy the filter criteria specified by the user, before the invoice creation is started. In this release the page also shows the number of projects and the total amount that will be invoiced if invoice creation is started:


2218  [UST] Display duration for time entries

The Hours & Expenses page displays time amounts in numeric format with precision of two decimal places:

This notation is also used when time and expenses are entered. This notation can however lead to incorrect totals, caused by rounding problems when entering multiple entries of small time amounts such as 5 minutes.

For this reason a new time notation was added to QicsMilestones, where time is expressed in hours and minutes. The user can turn this notation on in the user Preferences page:

When Time notation is turned on, the time entry totals are shown as hours and minutes without rounding problems:


In this configuration the Time entry popup also uses the time notation:


The user can however enter time either using time notation (hh:mm), or use the numeric format:

The written value will be formatted as time when the focus is left from the input control (because the user preference is set to the time display format):

Regardless of the time display preference,  the user can always write time in both formats.

This principle is used in Quick Time Entry popup too, where the time is displayed according to the preference, but input allows for any format:


For easier time entry, when entering time in the time notation (hh:mm), the user can just enter four digits, without : separator, the system will convert the text to the correct time value. Entering for example 0245 will be converted to 02:45. Entering less than four digits will be accepted too, for example 2 will be converted to 02:00.


In the List view of Hours & Expenses the user can use select from two columns to display:


  • Duration: shows time duration for hour entries only (empty for expenses) formatted according to the formatting preference.
  • Quantity: shows both time and expense amounts, always formatted as number with 2 decimal places.




Issues Fixed

2189 [BUG] Title on page tab and view is null on invoice detail

2209  [BUG] Day totals not refreshed on quick time entry (special flow)

2213 [BUG] Editing invoice in popup does not refresh if in collection view

2216 [BUG] Count is not displayed immediately after setting on initial user views without count visible

2274 [BUG] Count is missing on initial tile (homepage).

2278  [BUG] Function edit on invoices - Error and empty invoice (via context menu)

2285  [BUG] Creation of manual invoices via page 'edit invoice' - new failed.

2295  [BUG] Report view can be created without valid mandatory fields.


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