Release notes update 70A - release 14 september 2014


Save default view on project planning page

In QicsMilestones the only way to customize the layout of certain page is to create a custom view to that page by using the Create view functionality. The Project planning page is always opened for a specific project, custom views are applied only for that specific project. When Project planning page is opened for any other project (than one for which the custom view was used) the standard layout is applied. This was very inconvenient, because the only way to have Project planning opened with a different layout than standard, was to create view to every possible project, which is practically impossible. For this reason was the Project planning page extended with possibility to define a default view, which is applied every time the Project planning is opened. When creating view to Project planning, user has now two options to choose from:

  • Custom view: saves the layout of the currently opened page, including project and creates/updates tile on Home page.
  • Default view: saves the layout that will be applied each time the Project planning is opened in a different way than from custom view.


The user can choose to save the Default view on Create view popup:

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