Release 13 augustus 2014



1688 Home page with custom tiles           

Tiles on the home page can be customized for each user. Views that are listed under the My views menu are displayed as tiles on the home page.

Custom tiles can be renamed, or deleted with buttons that appear when the user hovers with the mouse cursor over a tile:


For new users the initial set of tiles on their home page is determined by the set of Roles that are assigned to the users. For each Role a set of predefined tiles can be set as visible. When a new user logs in, the home page will contain tiles set as visible on all Roles that are assigned to the user:


Visit the 'Wat kan ik instellen bij [Mijn weergaven]?' section in the user manual for further information on this topic. 

1669 Application setting - Allow all item types on installments

Installments in QicsMilestones can be created for Items of both Hour and Expense types. If this is not desired and only Expense type Items should be used with Installments, the use of Hour type Items can be disabled with a new application setting:


1670 Make invoice line type editable for manual rows

When manual lines are added to an invoice, their type was previously set to Manual and could not be edited. In the new version the user can set the type of the manual lines. This type will for example determine how lines will be represented on the invoice layout:


1844 Hours & Expenses - update totals on the client

Day totals in Hours & Expenses page were previously calculated on the server and were updated with a small time delay. In the new version the totals are updated immediately after creating, or changing the time- or expense entry.

1895 Add VAT number property to company and to invoice layout query

VAT number setting was added to Company object in the Invoicing section. This setting is included in the data source for invoice layout and can be automatically included on invoice PDFs.


1919 Enable XSLT transformation to other formats than XML

Invoices can be exported from QicsMilestones in an XML file. This XML file can be transformed using a XSLT transformation file into formats needed by different target systems. Previously the output of the transformation was restricted to XML format, but now it can be any format, such as CSV.

1927 When creating invoice credit or correction, reset invoice date

When invoices are copied, or when an invoice correction is created, previously the Invoice date was copied from the original invoice. In the new version a popup appears, where the user can determine if Invoice date and Service delivery date should be copied from the original invoice(s), or set to a new fixed value:

New report: Roles per user

The ‘Roles per user’ report was added to the report library. This report provides the user with an overview of all users and the roles that have been assigned to them. The user can filter on employee.

New report: Permissions per role

The ‘Permissions per role’ report was added to the report library. This report can be used together with ‘Roles per user’ and provides users with an overview of the permissions that are connected with the different roles.

Synchronization service: Twinfield e-mail address invoice debtor synchronization with QicsMilestones

In the previous version, e-mail addresses from Twinfield for invoicing were synchronized to the ‘Invoice address’ field, instead of the ‘Email address to’ field. Users had to copy the e-mail manually in the correct field. This is solved in the new version; ‘Email address to’ will be filled with the correct e-mail address to which invoices have to be sent.

Synchronization service: Extend EOL connector with export of invoice PDFs

It is now possible to export invoice PDFs from QicsMilestones to Exact Online.

Synchronization service: Synergy: clear start and end date when synchronizing inactive employees and dates are the same

In the previous version, when employees had the same start- and end date (for example because the employee decided to leave before the start of his contract), QicsMilestones wasn’t able to validate this properly. This was fixed in the new version.

Issues Fixed

1960 Project save is not possible after change application settings

1967 After transfer to new invoice origin and type is not correct

1971 InvoiceLineType not recalculated after invoice line editing

1973 Invoice date field is empty if checkbox is unchecked and invoice date exists in original invoice.

1974 Invoice date field is set to today if checkbox is checked and invoice date field is empty

1992 Invoice date field is empty if checkbox is unchecked and multiselect invoices with different dates.

1776 Hours&Expenses: IsBillable is not set correctly in special case

1803 Inconsistent validation errors handling of hours & expenses

1807 Inactive customer production validation is dependent on inactive project validation

1811 Timesheet approval: Employee filter offers all employees in picker but only some in autocomplete

1816 Edit invoice: Quantity in totals is wrong when invoice contains deducted lines

1832 EntityState inserts without CompanyId are not handled properly in web API

1850 Extend Error popup with user feedback

1885 Week totals are not reloaded after employee change

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