Release 27 augustus 2014


1688 Home page with custom tiles         

When the user creates a custom view (with the Create view link) from a certain collection page, the view remembers all the filter settings for that page. In the new version, each view remembers also:

-          Visible columns, column width and order

-          Based on which columns are the records sorted

-          Selected tab on pages with tabs (e.g. Hours & Expenses, Project planning)

-          Positions of splitters (Project planning)

See the 'Werken met tegels' page to learn more about working with personal views. 

1945   Change Create invoices/advances to separate pages

The Create invoices/advances pages were modified from a popup windows to full pages. This means that the popup window was replaced with the filter page. The user can use filters to select and overview the production entries that will be taken into invoice generation. When the user clicks on the Generate button, invoices will be generated from all displayed records. Selecting only a few records from the grid is not (yet) possible.


Check the video Hoe maak ik een factuur aan to learn more about invoices.

By using the Create view link, it is also possible to create one or more custom views from this page on the home page, with filter settings for different scenario’s. Among other filters, the page has three date filters (From, To, Reference date). Values of these filters is by default set dynamically to:

-          From – first day of this year

-          To – Today

-          Reference date – Today

Note: The reference date filter is related to the “Invoice after” setting on given production entry. When the reference date is changed, the system selects records for invoicing, as if today was the reference date and can possibly pick up entries that were intended to be invoiced after today.

When a custom view is created from the Create invoices page and date filter values are not changed, the view will keep showing dynamic value (e.g. today) when opened in the future. When the user changes the date to a concrete value, the view will show that fixed value in the future.

Date filters are also changed from required to optional. This means that the user can leave these filters empty and the system will select records regardless of the given date limit.

2039   Make currency filter optional in invoice generation

The Currency filter is also made optional on the Create invoices page. When the user does not provide a value for this filter, the system will select entries for all currencies found in the production. Of course, entries with different currencies are always grouped on separate invoices.

1849 Rename Delete on invoice line menu

There was a Delete menu item shown for invoice lines on the Edit invoice page. It was often unclear for users, how serious this deletion is with regard to invoice and linked production entry, from which the invoice line is generated.

In the new version is this option renamed to: “Remove from invoice”

This naming implies that the invoice line is removed from the invoice and not from production. Also, when the user selects this option, a popup is displayed that explains in more detail what will happen and which choices the user has regarding the invoicing of the linked production entry:

2004 Project type holiday - Year setting

Internal projects can be given the type Vacation. Vacation reports in QicsMilestones take the project Start date setting into account, when determining for which year the vacations are concerned on the given project.

On the user interface, there is a new field next to project type, where the user can directly enter the year, if the project type is Vacation. This field is linked with the project Start date setting (showing and setting the same value).

Changing this field sets the project Start date to the same year:


Issues Fixed

2034 Columns on role and user page shrink to very narrow

517 User detail page: columns width is minimized

1087 Invoice line popup: when opening Item entity picker, error displayed

1328 Table storage operation 'Insert' for table 'LogOnAttempt20140505' failed

1824 The maximum URI length of 2083 was exceeded

1874 The request timed out (reporting)

1961 An error was reported while committing a database

1965 Argument_UTCOutOfRange

1985 [Arg_NullReferenceException] on timesheet

1993 Error occured while rendering PDF for invoices

2017 H&E list view: incorrect total label if no entries

2022 Rejected Time/expense entry edited via popup on H&E page changes state to Submitted

2030 Project approval does not filter properly in special case

2032 'Will be invoiced' set incorrectly via web api in special cases



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